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30 years focused on lifting equipment

Efforts to build a large enterprise crane manufacturing enterprises.

Strong production strength

Existing senior professional and technical personnel 235 people, senior technical staff of 366 people.

Standard test to ensure quality

ISO9001, 2000 international quality management system certification, explosion-proof certificate, etc.

Strong research and design skills

The company's R & D product quality pass rate of 99.5%, the technical indicators are good.

Products are sold at home and abroad

Products sell well all over the country, some products exported to Southeast Asia and other countries.

Perfect after-sales service

Including products, sales, maintenance and other services.

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  • · 2012 successful application of the giant from the famous trademark。
  • · In February 2016, the Park Administration Committee was named "advanced enterprise of tax payment"。
  • · During the two sessions of the NPC and CPPCC in 2008, the economic daily made a special report on our company。
  • · Founded in January 2010 Group Co., Ltd.。
  • · 2010 3 was awarded the Henan Provincial People's government to abide by the contract re credit enterprise"。
  • · Total industrial output value of 350 million yuan, sales revenue of $320 million。
  • · In 2007 to build a new plant A, B, C three area covers a total area of 263152.878 square meters, including the staff canteen, dormitory and production workshop and raw materials warehouse。
  • · In December 6th made the giant road naming rights, a total length of 30 km.
  • · September 2006 by the Henan Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision awarded the "advanced enterprise"。
  • · Henan giant crane Co., Ltd. 2002。
  • · In July 2002, the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce registered "giant" trademark。
  • · Founded in 1987, formerly known as Yubei hoisting equipment factory building, covers an area of 466 thousand and 700 square meters。
  • · 2000 moved to the streets of Wei Zhuang new plant covers an area of 92254.43 square meters。
  • Tax registration certificateTax registration certificate
  • Organization code certificateOrganization code certificate
Grasp customer needs
Grasp customer needs

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